2017-12-05  Things you need to know about Fundamental Science and Technology Act.

This June, Legislature had passed the third reading of the amendment to the "Fundamental Science and Technology Act".
The point of this revision is that the restrictions on R & D income have not been limited by the “National Property Act“ and the researchers’ technical value or part-time work at the other place will not be limited by “Civil Servant Work Act".

In the future, talents in the academic research community will be able to enter the industry to assist in research and development. The state fund R & D results can also be used to promote the upgrade and innovation of private sectors.

It is honored that Raymond Yu, our consultant lawyer, was invited by the Academia Sinica to give a speech at the Department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer. We hope the Achievements of R&D can be wildly used on the commercial site, so the hard works of academicians of the Academia Sinica can enter the private sectors and bring the domestic industries for further progress.

Louis :